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No more fragile and disease-prone roses!

Landscape roses are perfectly suited to the current challenges of gardens and green spaces. Indeed, their exceptional aesthetic qualities, their natural resistance to disease and their low maintenance needs allow them to be easily integrated into many compositions. They also contribute to biodiversity preservation by creating ecological niches.

Since the 1970s, to be involved in the ecological transition, Meilland has been selecting its varieties without any spraying nor fertilizers, in five areas around the world. These commitments guarantee you quality roses that are above all sustainable, which makes them a good ecological and economical alternative to (bi)annuals and traditional roses.

Whether you are a home gardener or a landscape professional, they are waiting for you!

Why choose landscape roses?

Abudant and long-lasting blooming
From spring to frost!

Natural resistance to diseases
No spraying!

Easy and mechanizable!

Discover our collection of landscape roses, made up of the following ranges: DRIFT® (roses for small spaces), KNOCK OUT® (roses for a sustainable color range), FRIENDLY® (roses for biodiversity), MEIDILAND® (roses, the landscape safe bet), ZEPETI® (compactness and resistance) and STREET COLORS® (colorful roses for the city).

Pink CHANTILLY® var. Meilevire


MOULIN ROUGE® Meitraligh

La Grande Motte Meimeigea

Jolie PROVENCE® Meilegase

ZEPETI® Meibenbino



REVE DE PARIS® Var. Meilowmye

Scarlet BONICA® Meiscarlebo

Creme CHANTILLY® Meiradena

LA SEVILLANA®Plus Meishitai

Pink Double KNOCK OUT® Radtkopink

Double KNOCK OUT® Radtko

White KNOCK OUT® Radwhite

LIVIA® Meikifunk


Sunny KNOCK OUT® Radsunny

Popcorn DRIFT® Novarospop

Rosier Paysage Landscape Rose Cherry BONICA® Meipeporia

Cherry BONICA® Meipeporia

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