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KNOCK OUT® family of Roses: a great contribution to the rose at the dawn of the 21st century. KNOCK OUT® radrazz having obtained the AARS (All American Rose Selection) in 2000 became a commercial success in the United States of America by beating all sales records for a new pink! Today is the best-selling rose in North America. Meilland is proud to have selected the 7 varieties of existing KNOCK OUT® family of roses to date.

Easy maintenance

KNOCK OUT® family of Roses are low maintenance. Mandatory cut back each year to maximize blooming. The plants have a special resistance to cold, frost and disease.

Spectacular blooming

KNOCK OUT® Family of Roses : a very abundant and continuous flowering cycle, from spring until frost. Red, Pink, Yellow and White, KNOCK OUT® Family of Roses enchant your gardens and landscape projects.

Amazing Landscape Variety

KNOCK OUT® Family of Roses: an incredible range of landscape varieties that has revolutionized the use of roses in large urban complexes and parks. Perfect for massive plantations and roadside.

KNOCK OUT® Varieties

Pink Double KNOCK OUT® Radtkopink

Double KNOCK OUT® Radtko

White KNOCK OUT® Radwhite

Sunny KNOCK OUT® Radsunny

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