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For 20 years, the business heart of Selection New Plant (SNP) is seeking innovative varieties of ornamental plants. Breeders from around the world trust us and we trust their creations for distribution under license through a selected network of producers.

Our strategy rests on three strengths:

– the professionalism of demanding experts ornamental plants,
– the diversity and performance of selected cultivars pool
– the imagination of plant breeders love.

Our ambition is to develop our new varieties with the support of innovative and attractive marketing concepts.

Plant Hunting / selection

Woody and perennial species, which are entrusted to us, are appraised

– For landscape and gardens
– For production of potted plants
– For the production of flowers or foliage.

Observations and varietal evaluations are conducted during 4-5 years with specialized stations at different climatology and agronomy, supervised by professionals, producers or competent distributors. Only the outstanding and innovative varieties are retained. Our growing range offers products that will drive your growth.


We promote plant varieties that are entrusted to us by our presence in major exhibitions around the world:

  • Plant Fair in Angers, France
  • Plantarium in Boskoop, Netherlands
  • HTA / provar in Coventry, UK
  • IPM in Essen, Germany
  • Mid Atlantic Nursery Trade Show (mond) in Baltimore, USA
  • OFA in Columbus OH, USA
  • IFEX and Seibu in Tokyo, Japan.

You found an interesting plant variety ? Contact us !