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Look ahead to  the future !!

After more than 140 years existence, MEILLAND, could learn from its own history that during those tough periods for everyone and for the flower business also, nice stories and great things may happen !!.

Friday April 24th 2020, at Aalsmeer Flower Auction, in the mist of Covid-19, MEILLAND’s breakthrough novelty BLACK GOLD® Meinyffick was successfully launched. Incredible that on average, stems were sold at one of the highest prices at 70 cent of Euro each. 

BLACK GOLD® var. Meinyffick (©Meilland International)

Bred in the heart of Provence and selected by MEILLAND’s research team, BLACK GOLD® Meinyffick has been cautiously evaluated since several years in Kenya and is now grown on an exclusive basis at Akina Farm, in Njoro, Kenya at 2.300m altitude, one of the farm of the Fontana Group directed by Girish APPANA (CEO). At Aalsmeer Flower Auction, the stems of BLACK GOLD® Meinyffick are unpacked and marketed by Decofresh.

Let‘s look ahead altogether to the future !!

Bouquet de BLACK GOLD® (©Meilland International)