The house of Meilland is very involved in garden roses production through Meilland Richardier, the House of Meilland production company in France.

Meilland Richardier produces and sells for over a hundred years the largest collection of rose varieties created by Meilland.

More than 20.000m² of greenhouses
Refrigerated storage volume of 16.000m³

French #1 producer of roses plants

With about 1.2 million rosebushes sold per year, and more than 500 references, Meilland Richardier is the first French manufacturer of garden roses.
• Production in France that cover nearly 250 hectares on different conditions of soil and climate that allow greater security of production and better adaptation to customer needs.
Meilland Richardier is required qualitative standards higher than European standards and ensures full traceability of its products.
• With a volume of cold storage 16.000m³, Meilland Richardier can ensure optimal plant conservation until late spring.
• Conditioning chains allow to adapt to all the requirements of the packing material of Commerce (packaging, labeling …).
• Greenhouses with a total area of ​​over 20,000m² and above ground crops areas, allow the cultivation of roses in containers for delivery throughout the year.

Meilland Richardier, which employs more than 130 people, has an annual turnover of about € 11 million.

70.000 Mail order clients
Mail order turnover
More than 4.000 professional clients
Exported rose plants

Mail Order (B to C)

A wide range of plants and gardening products (roses, plants, bulbs, seeds, …) are sold by catalog (1.3 million / year) and via internet on our site 70,000 individual customers buy our plants every year. We also sell by mail to Italian consumers, with a catalog and a website in Italian. This activity accounts for nearly 50% of the company’s turnover.

 For Professional (B to B)

Meilland Richardier serves more than 4,000 companies:
– Distributors: garden centers, DIY stores and LISA. Our roses are present in most French chains of garden centers.
– Growers who finish the product.
– Landscapers and nurseries and communities: our planting roses in public green spaces and private homes.
– For export, our main markets are Italy, Russia and Germany. We export nearly 30% of our roses.

Best wishes for 2021

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The Meilland team wishes you the very best for 2021! ©Meilland International

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