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Tips for Garden Roses

Vidéos Tutoriales

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Planting your Roses Video

Big flower Roses :  45 to 50cm or 4-5 rosebushes per m²
Bed Roses Roses :  40-45 cm or 5-6 rosebushes per m²
Landscaped Roses : 50 cm to 70 cm or 3-4 per m²
Climbing Roses :  2 m to 3 m Roses miniature 30 cm or 10 maximum per m² roses

Tools for pruning Rose

To trim its roses, some tools are needed:

  • A good secateurs
  • A pruning shears (For thicker branches)
  • A handsaw (For larger branches)
  • Shears (For landscaped)
  • Gloves (resistant to thorns)

Pruning Your Roses

Roses require pruning: it avoids baldness of the base of the plants. By being prune regularly, your roses will have a more harmonious habit and flowering.

Pruning your Climbers

Keep long main branches and prune the secondary shoots to about 1cm of the departure of the main branches.

Pruning your Landscape Roses

The annual pruning for landscape roses is not required. Only do a rejuvenation pruning every few years.

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